When the Scale Plays Mind Games

Is your scale playing mind games with you?

Is it whispering in your ears that:

”See, it’s not working! F*ck it!”?

Or that ”Your goal-weight gets further and further away!”



SO WHAT?!?!?



It’s useless.🤷🏻‍♀️


The smaller shape of you is there.

It’s after all, still YOU!


You are the ”David” hidden in that marble block.

At some point, only Michelangelo saw the finished masterpiece inside the block.

The block of marble was perfect.

David was/still is perfect.



It might seem as a stretch, but I SEE YOU, inside that block.

No, my artistic skills are light years away from Michelangelo’s. 😂

But my vision of YOU, whole, lovable and powerful comes from my TRUST in your brain’s ability to transform.


The extra marble pieces that are carved away are your current beliefs about your ability to become ”David”.


You know that you are on a treasure hunt with a guaranteed result?

You’ve already found the treasure.

You just have to dig it up.


The scale is just a tool that helps us not derail too far away from the treasure.

The scale is your compass. 🧭


You’ll encounter rough and hard terrain.

An important gas pipe.

Or some electric cords.



You’ll have to dig horizontally for some time to avoid all of the above.




And you don’t have to throw away the compass while you are horizontally digging.😳😳😂


It doesn’t make any sense to do it, right?


Just trust the process.

Shed away some old beliefs about your ability of reaching your goals.

The treasure will wait patiently for you to get it.


It knows it’s INEVITABLE!


It’s as good as DONE!

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