“What would you have done?”

What would you have done? 

One of my clients couldn’t come at our coaching session.

Sometimes we have vet-emergencies, or personal ones, and sometimes… we forget! 😆🙈🤣


My husband watched a football game with the cats (yeap! Don’t ask!) 


Soooo I received the gift of one hour! At 20:30. (Or 08:30 pm)

Ok, ok, mom! Stop sending me to bed! I’m a night owl! 


Shhhuuush! 🤣


Back to the question!


What would you have done? 🤔 

✨Getting annoyed that “oh, they should have told me!”, or better “that’s disrespectful”- BTW, that’s NEVER my go-to place, but I KNOW how many of you are getting in fight or flight mode because of “no-shows”!…. And subsequently, feel 🤬-y

✨Just get an after-dinner snack, because you just had food and no extras… maybe some tea and some nuts and some fruit…. And maybe some popcorn… 

✨Finish some long-due medical charts

✨Get a shower and go to bed

✨A sandwich! A tiny one! ….

✨How about some granola with yoghurt? It’s healthy! “I’ll sleep better!”

✨Read a book.

✨Netflix! For sure!


Well, for me, my go-to is immersion in the cauldronn🤣🤣🤣🤣Aka my bathtub!

Pine needles bath oil! Mediterranean salt! Hot water! Facial mask on!


Mmmmhmmmmmmm! Delicious! 


This is my go to place!


This is where I receive my ideas and inspiration.


This is what nourishes my body, my senses and my soul! 




Everything is smelling like pine trees, ocean, honey, and chocolate.


What would I do with a gifted hour at my vet job? (Those “no-shows”?)

Probably catching up with my colleagues. Drinking some hot water and bringing some belly-laughs into our days.


But… never food right now!


It seems so strange to think about me from 5 years ago.


I would definitely fill up my “gifted-free-hour” with food.


Even if what I described seems impossible for you, just keep on trying!


Keep on throwing yourself into the arena!


Keep on discovering what else is pleasurable for you? Something that’s NOT food related?


Stop fidgeting and recommit to the way you want to live your life, to your career, your independence, your relationships, including with yourself, your body, and the food!


Keep spending time in the company of Your Future Self! Not your past self!


Allow your heart to guide you!

Ground yourself in your gut-feeling, and your intuition.

Let that beautiful brain of yours to weave everything in!


Have a DELIGHTFUL day!

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