What is stress?

What is Stress?

I mean, REALLY, what’s STRESS?


We use this idea of “STRESS” a lot.

“I am stressed.”

“I felt stressed, and I binged on popcorn.”

“It was one of those stressful days at work!”

“You know, I’m so stressed about going back to work!”


I have a problem with just staying at the level of “I am stressed” and accepting this phrase as an explanation for what we actually feel!




You know that pet owner who tells you their pet has diarrhea… and they think you will automatically provide the solution for it?!?!?




The patient might be actually constipated, and there is just some pathetic fluid that passes by the obstruction.

The patient might have a blocked urethra, and the tenesmus causes some fluid discharge from the colon/rectum.

The patient might have food intolerances/CE/Colitis/GE/parvo-HE/Giardia/ Tritrichomonas and sooooo on….

Different “diarrheas,” different solutions!



When I ask my clients, “what do you mean by stress?”, I get one of the following emotions, created by the stories they tell in their brains:

1. Overwhelm
2. Worry/Anxiety/ Fear/ Panic (different flavors, same sh*t!)
3. Confusion/Indecision/Self-Doubt

The solutions to deal with each of those “stress”-emotions are different.


For overwhelm is breathing and focusing on the first task in front of us, while thinking “everything will get done!” or “we are ALL going home EVEN after THIS shift!”.😉


For worry/anxiety/etc. is to understand if it’s a necessary or an unnecessary worry.

The necessary worry is when you don’t remember if you turned off the stove before leaving for work.

The unnecessary one is when the situation you are worrying about is not under your control and when you can’t take immediate action to fix that situation.

For example, worrying that your dad might have gotten COVID-19. In this case, worry pretends to be important and necessary, but it’s just consuming your stress hormones and wears your brains and bodies off.


You can easily pretend to get the best outcome until you have the actual facts in front of your eyes. Even if the opposite is factually true at a distant point in the future, YOU COULDN’T HAVE REVERSED IT ANYHOW!! And you’ll be more able to make the best decision with a rested and lucid brain! 😉


For confusion or self-doubt the solution is just to make a decision and decide that in the future, you’ll have your back no matter what you've decided now!

Decide that you won’t judge your past decision with the knowledge you’ve accumulated in the future!

Decide, stop doubting yourself and have your back!



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