What if that overweight...

What if that overweight...
...Is just an extended edge of your ability to love and accept yourself?


What if your body and mind made you accumulate fat tissue just to discover what edges of your perfectly designed organism you haven't accepted and loved enough yet.


You know that weight and hunger are controlled by the 97% of our brains 🧠 that ARE NOT UNDER OUR CONSCIOUS CONTROL!



Getting rid of the emotional eating is a soul-deep spiritual practice that connects you with that part of your nervous system.



Yeap, I just said it!


Your body CRAVES more pleasure!


Not less!


And that pleasure is first experienced through YOUR WORDS! The words you tell yourself in your brain.


When those words are kind, and funny, and graceful, and loving, the shields of temporary pleasure provided by volumes of food are unnecessary.

When we change the inner dialogue, we get more open to receiving MORE PLEASURE:


-through appreciating ONLY the foods we love and in the quantities that are not cluttering our stomachs


-through re-opening deep connections with our patients, out pet owners, our colleagues.


-through reconnecting with our romantic partners or have the openness to find ones that deserve us. And be open and willing to initiate or accept physical contact, not only in the love-making way, but in delicate hand-holding, or soul-deep looking in each other's eyes, or belly-laughs and small impromptu kisses.


-through choosing physical activities that feel like luscious love-making, not medieval torture


-through meditation practices that take only 2 minutes and make you remember how good it feels to be YOU in YOUR amazing body.


Looking into the darkness of your current inner self talk might be scary.

I am here to hold your hand and guide you!


I am here to show you what unconditional love and friendship look like, so you can learn how to unconditionally love and appreciate yourself.


Let's crack you open so your sparkles can find their way back into the world!


Remember who you are!


Remember your love for animals!


Remember that you love humans as well! 😃


Now let's do it on purpose again!


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