Weight Loss and Religion.. HUH?!?!?

I'm fascinated by how old customs were created, especially religious ones. 

I'm fascinated by how different religions incorporate different habits in their practices.


And watching the "Blue Blood" series right now, it just hit me!



Ok... hold your horses right now, or unsubscribe if you feel offended by my combo or religion and profane use of cuss words and sh*t! 




I preach (hehehe) to my clients to pause before freaking eating!

And they've got different brain-hacks that help them pause and stop the frantic plunging face down in the foods available in sight or dug out of the pantries/fridges.

Saying grace at the beginning of a meal is a well-established religious ritual in MULTIPLE religions.


Praying regularly develops alpha-brainwaves that also appear in meditation and so on.


SOOOOOOOO, if you have a religious affiliation, SAY GRACE.


NOBODY judges us for doing it!


Allow the words of that prayer to land deep in your body and spread the calmness around.

Not a religious person?

Find YOUR "saying grace" ritual!


It will calm the sh*t down of your brain and reconnect you with the abundance of food, resources, ideas, love, fun that you ACTUALLY HAVE ALREADY in your life!


I GUARANTEE that you'll eat less, you'll feel the taste more, and you'll remember to have fun in your vet-job if you're at work.


If not at all inspired, IMAGINE Vin Diesel saying grace... And ENJOY the heck out of you!

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