Vets, food, and animal abuse

One of my clients is my dating superhero!

She is determined to find "HER" person.

She went on 4-6 dates every week.

Don't get me wrong! She's "busy" as well with her small animal veterinarian job, her relief vet business, AND she's a teacher as well (she trains amazing future-to-be vet techs)

She's sparkly!

She's funny!

She's amazing!

And as I said, she's determined to find a partner, not because her life sucks without him, but because she has so much to share and receive that it's more fun to do it with another person.


She LOVED dating one guy.

He was funny! 

He liked her very much!


But I felt that something was off...

He did something that's a BIG NO-NO for us as veterinarians to hear!

The way he treats his two aged dogs is unacceptable for us as veterinarians.


It would go unnoticed by anyone else.

But I KNEW exactly what her brain was doing.

See... I'm a veterinarian as well.

I can't unsee or un-hear when someone is mistreating his dogs.

Don't get me wrong!

The guy is fantastic!

I believe that his way of treating his dogs was done to ignorance, from not understanding what he was doing.


If the story was happening in Sweden, where I live, he would potentially lose his right to own pets if the situation wasn't corrected. 

They live in the USA, where animal protection laws are not that strict or straightforward to put into practice.

The way some pet owners treat their animals breaks many veterinarians' hearts. It contributes to the high suicide rate and burnout from this profession.


And the lack of legal measures to take care of the pets is hard for us.


So as an FYI to the whole world:

Veterinarians are pretty amazing people. Heart-centered beings. With a lot of love to give and to receive.

We communicate pretty well with the pets.

We understand them.

When someone doesn't treat them well and doesn't address the issue, that's a deal-breaker for us.

No matter how "DREAMY" you are, the pets will ALWAYS go first for a vet! 


But hey, there is no need to dive deeply into the fridge and eat everything in sight.


Put the hand on your heart as if you can protect it, and tell YOUR TRUTH out loud.

"This is unacceptable!"

You'll probably feel sad.

Then, if you are willing to feel the sadness, let the tears run freely and not fight them...


And only then...


You won't need the crapy food.

You won't need the booze.

You'll find the voice of love for the pets and speak YOUR TRUTH from love.

Not from resentment and righteousness.


You'll be able to build HONEST and GENUINE human connections with a potential partner or a pet owner.


Your body will thank you for the lack of crap that you avoided putting inside it.

Your heart will thank you because you listened to it.




And that's ultimately WHY we're in this anyhow, isn't it?


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