Trapped By The Mad Puppeteer

Do you feel that if you'd say out loud exactly what's in your head, you'd be sued /fired/ locked behind bars and/ or heavily sedated in a mental facility?


We see and understand things when looking at our patients, and we get angry and resentful inside our heads while keeping a mask on.

We sometimes feel as if THE MADDEST of the puppeteers is manoeuvering our brains, speech, words that come out of our mouths, gestures, and facial expressions.


We THINK that there is no way of communicating with the pet owners about EVERYTHING that needs to be said.


And we go on and on and on with our lives WITHOUT speaking our truth!

Look at Pinocchio!

Look at how happy he seems to be with his cords attached!

He smiles!



We feel TRAPPED by society's rules, the financial discrepancies that we have in this profession compared with human doctors, and the lack of emotional support through the vet school or after.

We just keep treading water and put smiles on our faces... 


The lack of communication skills burns us out and kicks us out of the veterinary profession!


It loads unnecessary emotional pounds on our bodies and blurs our brains with alcohol.


Are you confident enough to tell that pet owner who just took out a home equity loan to buy a "lovely" puppy with many health issues the truth about that puppy, and what's the most appropriate thing to do with it?

These kinds of conversations are mandatory for our nervous systems. They are truths that HAVE TO BE EXPRESSED.

It's like telling a human doctor that seeing child neglect or abuse and not addressing it is OK. 


They will get out in an unuseful burst sometimes. 

Or they'll never come out.

We'll bitch and moan and gossip about it with our colleagues.


NOTHING GETS CHANGED, except our love and dedication for the vet profession.

I teach my clients how to cut those cords that keep us stuck in our communication, in our profession, in our life, or in a body we don't recognize in the mirror anymore!


It's beneficial for OUR mental health.

For OUR heart and soul.

And for OUR patients. 


Let's get your sparkles back 💖✨

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