Stretch marks, cellulite... and the Bible

It just struck me during one of my latest coaching calls!


We discussed body-image ideas, and my client looked at her stomach in the mirror for the first time in a looooooong while.


She realized that she had " Waaaaay more stretch marks" on her stomach that she imagined!

There were two babies carried to term under that skin. I mean two separate pregnancies, not twins. We are not even going THERE!😂


And yet she was appalled about the number of the stretch marks. 


I just can't understand how we can allow to be THAT brainwashed by society and the patriarchy and to EXPECT WITHOUT QUESTIONING THIS BELIEF AT ALL that a human with a uterus's body will look the same after carrying some babies in the uterus named above!





Did you know that in the US alone, there are more than 200 Christian denominations and over 45000 globally?


There are soooooo many humans who've had and still have different interpretations of a text, or collections of texts, that provided over 45000 Christian religious denominations. Each has its own followers and has that initial book as a reference. 

I am not even considering the humans who only have the Old Testament as a reference, which is part of the same book. 

Take a moment and let this sink in!


Normal human female bodies have cellulite and stretch marks.


Sometimes without even carrying babies in those bodies.


Can we stop the madness and start embracing those bodies exactly as they are today?


And celebrate their ability to expand, collect fat for fuel, carry babies, and take care of us?


Can we start questioning this type of belief that put BILLIONS of women in shame and judgement?


Our bodies are PERFECT exactly as they are TODAY.


Those bodies can provide us with sexual or physical PLEASURE exactly as they are TODAY.


You don't have to lose weight to enjoy your amazing body, your sexuality, and sensuality and to receive PLEASURE today.


YES, I CAN STILL HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT if this is your goal and it helps you improve your health!

I know everything about the science of both weightloss and the brain science supporting it.


But if you are just DONE with dieting I've got you as well!


Or if you are a person who is sick and tired of living with a black cloud above her life, I CAN HELP YOU GET YOUR SPARKLES BACK!


We all deserve to be happy and to live a more fulfilled life!

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