Sensorial delightfulness 😍

I feel dreamy today.

I’m in play mood.


Do you want to play?

What’s currently voluptuously delightful in your life?

Let’s talk about patients or vet-life.


Yes, being a vet is delightful for me.


➡ Saving some.

➡ Losing some.

➡ Relieving some pains.


Yes, I just said this.

Humbly acknowledging the limitations of us as healers, and accepting the natural course of life is calmly delightful. With a hint or a sting of pain.


  • Fresh puffy snow is delightful 🌨
  • Deep blue lakes surrounded by majestic pine trees are dreamy 🌲
  • Deeply healing massages are delightful. Especially using warm melting candles with deep woody, earthly scented tones. 🕯
    My favorite ones are from Klinta, especially the Unique scent (that means that it adapts to each skin and individual and it will smell differently on different humans). Delightful, isn’t it?
  • Moving my body and stretching what is tight.
  • Pumpkin. More pumpkin. Orange deliciously decadently roasted pumpkin. (My favorite goes into the Hamilton air-frier). It’s just pumpkin, dry roasted, caramelized by the air-frying process. It’s dropping brown sweet tears of sensorial delightfulness from the orange flesh.
  • Cuddling with my husband and my cats on the sofa, with a fluffy blanket and a good binge series. Delicious!
  • Chocolate. Dark. 100% cocoa 🍫
  • Creamy, rich, organic coffee. HMMMMM…… ☕
  • Home-made concoctions of body balms with locally produced honey, honeycombs, coconut oil and bourbon vanilla.
  • 🌿 Fresh herbs from my and my sister’s garden. Preserving some of their magic for the long winter. Parsley. Sage. Licorice. Peppermint. Chocolate-peppermint. Rosemary. Thyme. Lovage.
    Chopping. Freezing. Drying. Salting.
  • More chocolate. More cocoa. In the face cleaners. In the facial and body masks. In the lotions. In homemade ice cream form.
    I think I am currently a being made of chocolate. And coffee. And vanilla 😻
  • Deliciously voluptuous sensuality.
  • Playing with my favorite tarot cards.
  • Deep hypnotic trances custom designed to reveal, release, heal, and renew.


Wanna play?

Falling in love again with your patients, pet owners, and your LIFE will involve a rainbow of sensorially delightful experiences… The VOLUMES of crappy foods are not necessary.

When we feast on our lives at the full capacity of our senses, it’s easy to lose or to maintain weight.


I have voluptuous space in my calendar 📅

Are you my next sparkly-vet client?


We play one-on-one. And we play with the other sparkly, amazing ladies from the group.

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Embrace the sensorial delightfulness!

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