Royalties 👑

One of my Swedish vet colleagues recently posted a picture with THE Benny Andersson (YEAP! THE ABBA Benny Andersson), who came to her with his dog.


And even if Benny is NOT a Swedish Royalty, at least not yet 😛, he was for sure treated as one.


But do we do that with ourselves?


Do we treat US as royalties? 👑


Sometimes our nervous systems are sooo bullied and triggered by the day-to-day tasks, bills, kids, school, more bills.... That we forget to take a deep breath in.


Or to stop, and REMEMBER who we really are.


We ARE "royalties". Or rockstars!


Let's treat ourselves as ones!


Let's stop, take a deep breath in and start imagining our lives from that perspective.


Questions to be answered for you, as a royalty... 👑


➡ What would you do on a random Thursday at 04:00 pm?

➡ What would you eat on a random Sunday? How about on a random Tuesday?

➡ What would you wear?

➡ Would you still have the same job/business?

➡ How would you talk to yourself?

➡ How many cocktails (if any) would you have at that pool-party?

➡ How is/are the romantic partner(s) you choose for yourself as a royalty?

➡ Would you still keep THAT client who trashes your front desk people, you, or your vet techs over and over again on their social media?



Nobody sees you! And nobody would ever judge you!


Dream my friend!


Weave in all your heart's desire! 💖


Be grateful for what you currently have, and DREAM MORE ABOUT THE FUTURE YOU.


And then, start to plan FROM THAT ROYALTY energy.... And brick after brick, reconstruct your life 🧱


Get your royal sparkles back!

Let me help you shine again! 🤩✨

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