I went MEDIEVAL on my fear!

I went MEDIEVAL on my fear.

In the last month, FEAR went bananas on my nervous system. 


I encourage my clients to get the white coat on and not the black-judge-robe on when they analyze their weight loss journeys or their vet-lives.

So, I walked the walk and went TOWARDS my fear.

I've REMEMBERED that on the other side of my fear are THE MOST ASTONISHING growth moments in my life.

Starting when I was just 3.5 years old with the fear of speaking and expressing myself in front of mean kindergarten teachers in communist Romania. As a consequence being labeled as "retarded" (the actual word said to my mom in front of me). 

-following my dream-career of becoming a vet and letting go of the "human" medical doctor career.

-finding the man of my dreams.

-moving to Sweden at 35 years old

-becoming a life coach

-traveling in the pandemic and with a war at the border of Romania, with a Romanian passport

-creating a successful coaching business from NOTHING, and being able to help my veterinarian colleagues live better lives, with less anxiety, overwhelm and in bodies they start to recognize in the mirrors as their authentic selves.

I don't label myself as an anxious person.

I don't find that label useful in my case.


Some people might call these emotions anxiety.

Some might call them "overwhelm".

Some might call them FEAR.


I've realized that I've had ENOUGH of those fangs biting deep into my heart, soul, and in my sparkles. 


Sooooo, because FEAR went medieval on me in the last month, I WENT MEDIEVAL-EXORCISM with neuroscience sparkles on it as well. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️✨💖🧠


I STOPPED fighting it and I STARTED investigating what the actual F*CK was that emotion trying to tell me.


I stopped.

I dropped into it.

I listened. 

And I've realized that FEAR was trying to actually SHOW ME THE WAY. 



Don't get me wrong, it was not easy to make friends and to lean into my fears.

I am the product of my product and I'VE USED ALL THE TOOLS I teach my coaching clients to downregulate their nervous systems in front of anxiety, urges, cravings or anger.


I used ancient tools (way older than the medieval ages actually) and the most recent neuroscience-based tools. 

When I felt the claw of fear in my chest, and I wanted to explore what's in there for me to know, I leaned into that emotion, dropped through it, and collected the wisdom behind it.


Why not just "sit with the fear?"

Because when emotions are high, intelligence is low. 


I've had a lot of fear responses in the last 4-6 weeks. 

I've put myself in situations where I was bullied, and called "stupid" and I couldn't do anything about it. 

That specific situation was completing and ending the fear cycle that started when I was 3.5 years old. 

I've grown and transformed myself by leaning into it every single darn time!


And I've shared my tools with other coaches, so they can help themselves and THEIR clients deal with fear.


Some people get dopamine kicks from their suffering.

They are sooo determined to keep their shitty-colored lenses on their eyes, that they don't use the tools.

Even if it would make their lives better.


I have all my compassion and understanding for those people.


If you are determined to change YOUR story with YOUR stress responses, let's chat.

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