I looked at the edge of the Earth

I'm in the middle of my holidaying.

And I am just in awe of myself.

I had no business growing up the way I did even to IMAGINE to DREAM that I would look at the Northernmost point of Europe and see the Arctic Ocean.

The famous North Cape Globe has marked this point since 1977.


My grandpa from my mom's side used to search through the big garbage containers to find books or even toys that other people had thrown away. He read us stories and showed us pictures of this remote Arctic land.

He told us stories about curious and tough Norwegian and Swedish explorers who brave-heartedly tried to tame this extreme climate and reach the North Pole.

Or fearless people who caught whales and huge fishes, salted and dried to preserve them to have food for the whole year.

And I was standing, looking at THAT LAND.

I saw the North Cape Globe.

I looked at the peninsula that stretches itself towards the North Pole. 

I saw, smelled, and ate the salty fish, which has been dried similarly since the Middle Ages. 


I thought about my grandpa, who told us stories about frozen lands, whales, explorers, dried fish, courageous people, Midnight Suns, and Northern Lights. 


I had all my ancestors in my heart and mind.


And I silently thanked them for the way they raised me.

To love to eat dried salty fish.

To love Arctic climates, Midnight Suns and Northern Lights.




To know that even books collected from garbage will elevate your knowledge, your curiosity, and your soul.


I had no business growing up as I did to believe that I would see the Arctic Ocean, the Midnight Sun, and the Northern Lights.


I am grateful.


I am happy.


I am proud.

Dream impossible dreams, my friend! 

And then, start telling yourself who you are and what you love to see and experience over and over again.

Until the dreams become your reality.


Some people call it manifesting.


Stop focusing on what sucks, and start creating the reality you love.


Lots of sparkly hugs,


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