Choosing kindness over righteousness

1. Choose kindness over righteousness.


Because they are mutually exclusive. ALWAYS!

I can’t remember a SINGLE situation when I wanted to be right, to prove my point at ANY COST, or to be the ”winner” in a discussion and I was able to be kind at the same time.


You know when I felt the most aligned with my core values?

When even if the whole world minus one person would have said that I was right, I allowed my words, my actions and my results to be surrounded by an airy, fluffy blanket of KINDNESS.


People still got fired.

Reports to the proper authorities were still filed.


But the KINDNESS was there. And the RIGHTEOUSNESS was absent.


2. Don’t be a ”food-nazi”!

This is ESSENTIALLY an extension of the previous idea!

Choosing boiled to death veggies that make you nauseated and on the verge of (sorry) puking 🤮🤢 because of the righteousness of some people’s ideas about what your body needs RIGHT now, is NOT kind!

Sometimes an honest to God fried pork schnitzel might help your body heal, restore, and go through some tough time! And might bring more nourishment and toxins than the nausea-created neurotransmitters triggered by the boiled to death zucchinis.


Just saying….🤷🏻‍♀️



3. Smile with teeth at least once every day!

This is choosing AGAIN kindness over RIGHTEOUSNESS!

Let the glitter you get in your eyes when you ”smile with teeth” guide you through your days.

Notice the warmth in your chest when you do it.






Your mind, your blood pressure, your heart, your blood vessels, and the persons you love the most on this planet will thank you.☺️

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